Our Magnet Program

Our Theme:

 To nourish the creative thinking skills of students and approach learning through the well renowned Design Thinking process that will empower students to take what they have learned and apply those skills to create non-traditional solutions to yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's problems. 

Our Vision

We envision sending our students into the world with the creative confidence to solve meaningful problems with empathetic and innovative responses. They will be prepared with the skills, mindsets, and dispositions necessary to successfully thrive in the future.

Our Mission

We dare to ignite the creative genius in each student by kindling their unique strengths, interests, and values as we utilize the Design Thinking process as a common framework to solve problems across all disciplines.                


Our Core Values (aka: GILLS)

We value:


G - Grit to Persevere. We never give up.


I - Innovating through Design. We prototype solutions.


L - Learning through Empathy. We seek to understand others.


L - Leading with Integrity. We take pride in doing the right thing.


S - Sparking Creativity. We honor imagination.


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