Basketball Scores


By Adam Draves


Knicks vs Grizzlies 103-98

Magic vs Lakers 108-104

Suns vs Pistons 107-118

76ers vs Nets 127-125

Heat vs Raptors 115-125

Hornets vs Hawks 123-124

Jaz vs Kings 133-112

Clippers vs Trail Blazers 104-100

VIDA Volleyball

By: Danica Manligas and Camila Arango


Hey Sharks! Volleyball this season was the best! When the players were at finals they scored 2nd place out of the whole district. Both games were close games. In each of the two games that they played both teams were two points behind. They played against Valley twice and won against them both times. This year's team is better than last year.  This year we only lost barely 2 times and won the other games!

NFL Scores

By: Michael Huizer


Dallas Cowboys v.s Seattle Seahawks

              16            24

Cincinnati Bears v.s Arizona Cardinals

              16            14

New England Patriots v.s Detroit Lions

              10           26

Pittsburgh Steelers v.s Buccaneers

              30           27

Oakland Raiders v.s Miami Dolphins

              20          28

Tennessee Titans v.s Jacksonville Jaguars

               09         06

San Francisco 49ers v.s Kansas City Chiefs      

                27        38

Indianapolis Colts v.s Philadelphia Eagles

                16        20

L.A Chargers v.s Baltimore Ravens

                23        35

Dallas Cowboys v.s Houston Texans

                16          19

Denver Broncos v.s New York Jets

                 16        34

Minnesota Vikings v.s Philadelphia Eagles

                23         21

Los Angeles Rams v.s Seattle Seahawks

                 33       31

San Francisco 49ers v.s Arizona Cardinals

                 18       28

New Orlean Saint v.s Washington Redskins

                  43     19

Philadelphia Eagles v.s New York Giants

                   34   13

Dallas Cowboys v.s Jacksonville Jaguars

                   40    07

Minnesota Vikings v.s Arizona Cardinals

                   27    17

Los Angeles Rams v.s Denver Broncos

                   23   20

Kansas City Chiefs v.s New England Patriots

                   40   43

Baltimore Ravens v.s Tennessee Titans

                   21   00