Frequently Asked Questions

Who & What Are We?

We are a free, public, magnet middle school in Vista, Ca. We are part of the Vista Unified School District, and we serve students in Grades 6-8. We opened our doors for the first time to students in August 2014.

What is a Magnet School?

Magnet schools were designed to offer a specialized "program" to attract a diverse group of students from throughout a school district. Currently in VUSD there are 2 Magnet Elementary Schools, 2 Magnet Middle Schools, and 1 Magnet High School. Magnet schools in VUSD do not have a traditional "Attendance Area" boundary. Rather, students apply to attend a specific magnet school. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

*Are you a Charter School?

No. We are a magnet school within the Vista Unified School District. 

* Do I have to apply for my child to attend your school?

Yes. All incoming students must submit an application to attend VIDA. Current VIDA students will need to complete an updated "Magnet Participation Agreement" for the new school year. Some current students will not be invited back for the following school year.  These students would also need to apply. Applications are available on our website.

*What is the process once I apply? Is there a "Lottery?"

Yes, there is a Lottery. There will be more students apply to VIDA than we have space to accommodate. Students who are not initially admitted will be placed on a Waiting List. 


*Is there a "Wait List?"

We anticipate that there will be a "Wait List" following the Lottery system. The wait list would be for those interested students who were not chosen in the Lottery. Students will be kept in order of their Lottery selection for the Wait List and notified as soon as possible of any opening.


*Is there a dress code.

Yes. We believe that by implementing a simple dress code can help change the value of what happens at school on a daily basis. Read more by clicking HERE.