Our Homework Philosophy

Homework Philosophy

It is the expectation of the VIDA Faculty that all students read for at least 30 minutes every night. This is separate from other assigned work.


This reading may be student choice. Accountability for Reading will be gained through monthly STAR Reading and/or Accelerated Reader (AR) assessments. These assessments will factor into student grades for ELA Grades 6-8. Other subject areas may also include STAR Reading as a grade for accountability. Student “starting” ability and growth should be taken into consideration.


  • Homework assignments are meant to be meaningful and to help students gain mastery of course concepts, skills, processes, or standards.  

    • Homework is reflected in a portion of academic grades based on “Process Rubric” or “Quick-Check Rubrics” as explained in the grading portion.

    • Homework is also reflected as a portion of Work Habits Grade. “U” in Work Habits may result in loss of participation for non-academic, site-based activities.


  • VIDA Faculty will work to agree on a consistent process for communication and organization of homework assignments.


Note: The VIDA Faculty has agreed on this philosophy regarding homework. Please see your class syllabus or teacher for specific homework policies for each different class.


Need More?

In this area, we will be building resources, ideas and help for parents who need additional academic support.