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We've got some cracking egg puns here and that's no yolk. If these don't make you come out of your shell and laugh, nothing will. So if you like your jokes funny side up, you're sure to get egg-cited at these funny egg facts and egg jokes. Presented to you by Trinity Searing, Ezra Oshima, and Aden Ford.


  1. How many pores do eggshells have?

17,000. It’s kind of terri-frying!

  1. How many eggs does China produce a year?

160 billion. You should be so egg-ucated!

  1. Why are brown eggs more expensive than white ones?

The chickens that lay the brown eggs are what’s egg-scalating the prices!

  1. How many laying-birds live in the U.S?

About 280 million laying hens! That's hard to “beat”.

  1. How many eggs does each hen produce in a year?

250-300 per hen. In all, that’s roughly 77,000 million! What an egg-sperience!


⇢Enjoy Some funny egg “yolks”

  1. Where's the best place to get information about eggs?

The hen-cyclopedia!

  1. What day to eggs hate the most?


  1. Who tells the best egg jokes?


  1. How does a hen leave it's house?

Through the eggs-it.

  1. How do eggs get around?

On a s-egg-way.


Sharks Weekly

Sharks Weekly

Hello VIDA students! This is the Sharks Weekly newspaper. We are so glad that you took the time to catch up on the school's current events. Be sure to check back every week for the newest information on special events, cool trends, and more!   

Wacky Holiyays!

Hello Sharks! This is Abigail Luna and Jerome Smith, we are going to be telling you the Wacky Holidays for the rest of the school year. Here are the Wacky Holidays for this week.  


Love Your Red Hair Day: Monday, November 5th

Red hair is great.

Nacho Day: Tuesday, November 6th

What do you call cheese that isn't yours?

Nacho Cheese.

Hug A Bear Day:Wednesday, November 7th

Please don't actually hug a bear.

World Quality Day: Thursday, November 8th

We should always do quality work.  

World Freedom Day: Friday, November 9th

Freedom Friday.

Forget Me not Day: Saturday, November 10th

A beautiful flower with a beautiful meaning.

Sundae Day: Sunday, November 11th

Another reason for eat a sundae.

Special Events!


By: My Linh M. & Arilynn S.


Thanksgiving is a day to thank your family, friends, god, and pets. Traditionally, people eat turkey, stuffing, green beans, bread, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy. What do other people do on Thanksgiving? Let’s see what multiple students do on their Thanksgiving!


Nia Lopez

“I traditionally celebrate with a native Filipino feast, involving noodles, vegetables, meat, and a lot of rice.”


Meghan Buckner

“I eat traditional food, and my uncle comes over to celebrate with us as a family.”