Celebrations of Learning


7th & 8th Graders will present in November.


6th & 7th Graders will present in Spring.


Students present in front of small groups. They are expected to invite family members to watch their presentations and celebrate their year.


A positive way to celebrate the many successes and failures that students have faced throughout their year.


This has replaced the idea of "traditional" parent teacher conferences.

Celebration of learning Video


Teachers are placed in teams and assigned a classroom in order to have a comfortable place for students to present.


Celebrations of Learning presentations give students ownership over their learning. They must reflect upon both strengths and weaknesses and provide evidence of each. This provides a more authentic and reflective experience for students & parents than a traditional Parent/Teacher conference.


Students are supported leading up to the celebrations. We help them organize their ideas, practice presentation skills, and offer morning sessions for whatever questions they may have or help they may need.