Joy To The World! (Continued)

Nia Lopez


Christmas is a time for family to gather ‘round to spend time with each other watch one another open the presents that everyone got for each other! Whether you stay in your city, or travel to another state or country to spend time with family, everyone always celebrates differently.


Spanish Tradition

Most people attend a service called Midnight Mass, in Spanish, called La Misa Del Gallo (Mass of the Rooster). The Spaniards have their main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve before the midnight service, and afterwards, they walk the streets with torches and play music using guitars, drums, and tambourines.


Australian Tradition

In Australia, Christmas is celebrated in summer. Families have their Christmas meal during lunch time and usually eat seafood, Christmas crackers, and other foods. They do use Christmas trees, but they don't put ornaments, they use specific flowers and other decorations.


Come back next week to learn more about Christmas related things!