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Our Values (GILLS)




A shark's gills allow for life to occur in the water. So too do we rely upon our GILLS to exist as a body.

We Value:

VIDA Values

Our GILLS are the commitments that we make as adults to the students in our school, the curriculum we provide, the activities that occur, and how we treat one another. Likewise, our GILLS are the commitments that students make to our school as they grow and mature as problem-finders and solution-designers.

Shark Fin

Grit to Persevere


We never give up.

Innovating through Design


We prototype solutions.

Learning about Empathy

Empathy logo

We seek to understand others.

Leading with Integrity

Integrity logo

We take pride in doing the right thing.

Sparking Creativity

Imagination logo

We honor imagination.