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Fun Facts and Trivia

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Fun Facts and Quizzes. We nether thought it would come to this, but it was all we could do to keep our audience not b-ore-d and wanting some m-ore! We hope this article is comedy gold, but don’t laugh to hard! What can we say, we’re a chip off the old block...water you waiting for!

⇢Mine up some pixelated facts!

  1. Minecraft was almost called "Cave Game"

  2. The Endermen language is just English played backwards

  3. The Ghasts are voiced by a cat!

  4. Creepers are afraid of ocelots.

  5. 1 block = 1 metre cubed.


⇢Are these jokes to crafty for you?

  1. Hear about the creeper that went to a party?

He had a BLAST!

  1. What did Steve say when he was angry at a skeleton?

I’ve got a bone to pick with you!

  1. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the prom?

He had no body to dance with

  1. Which musical instrument do skeletons play?


  1. Do you hear about the Minecraft movie?

It’s a blockbuster.

Sharks Weekly
Sharks Weekly

Hello VIDA students! This is the Sharks Weekly newspaper. We are so glad that you took the time to catch up on the school's current events. Be sure to check back every week for the newest information on special events, cool trends, and more!   

Wacky Holiyays!

Hello Sharks! Hope you’re having a Jawsome Day. This is Jerome Smith and Abigail Luna and we are going to be telling you the Wacky Holidays for the rest of the school year. Here are the Wacky Holidays for this week...


Anime Day: Monday, April 15th  


Save The Elephants Day: Tuesday, April 16th

Its tusk to save the elephants.

Banana Day: Wednesday, April 17th


High Five Day: Thursday, April 18th

“High five buddy.!”

Bicycle Day: Friday, April 19th

“Lets ride a bike down the hill”

Husband Appreciation Day: Saturday, April 20th

MEN!!!. it's your day!!!

Kindergarten Day: Sunday, April 21st

“Can't wait to take a nap”

Special Events!


My Linh Minturn


State testing starts on April 23, 2019!

You get two hours from your 2nd period class to work on all subjects you are doing for the state test. Your first and second period are pushed to the last class. If your teachers allow, bring a healthy snack to eat while testing, or eat a large breakfast to fuel yourself and your brain!